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This guy has some expert tools.....A jigsaw and a drill.

His total install time from start to finish was under 10 minutes

G8ter would like to challenge you ....If you are up to it!

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So simple a child can do it.....okay maybe a teenage child

It really is this simple….It was specifically designed for those of us who are challenged putting things together.


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the Guardian gatekeepers cool design is just one feature you can enjoy while protecting your assets! Before we had The Guardian gatekeeper installed we were often concerned about any abnormal noises we heard in our backyard. Weather it was our crazy dogs or opossums trolling our fence, we now have the Guardian Gatekeeper which has our back. The only way into our backyard is having a private passcode, imagine having the ability to know who and when someone enters your backyard. The Guardian Gatekeeper gives you that peace of mind! My family and I completely support this product, its purpose, and the technology behind this innovative product.

    Having materials stored and secured through gates in residential areas presents a unique problem. Gate locks by design are on the inside, making access limited to times the owner is present. The Guardian gatekeeper lock insures full secure access at anytime without client intervention. Set a code for us in we can come and go as needed securely. When we finish, the code is changed and the client has full in and out privileges with a unique secure code, allowing the gate to be locked at all times and opened from either side. Guardian gatekeeper has provided us with a solution to ensure the utmost in security for materials and the clients possessions during construction and continued security long after we are gone. We highly recommend the Guardian gate keeper for securing your gate.

      Guardian Gatekeeper Installation Video

      Amazingly Quick installation video for Guardian Gatekeeper keyless entry deadbolt gate lock systems in under 15 minutes

      Such an easy installation process

      Check out this great installation video for the GuardianGatekeeper.com Gate Lock Products